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 PRHL Trading Rulebook

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PostSubject: PRHL Trading Rulebook   Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:10 pm

1. Both GMs must accept for the deal to get passed.

2. Once you say that you would like to do the trade YOU MAY NOT back down. If you are unsure about a trade please ask one of the other league GMs for information, but you may definitely not agree to a trade and later on say that you do not want to do it.

3. 3 passes by the TC gets the trade confirmed and 3 declines by the TC or if the player getting traded is injured, the gets the trade declined.

4. You cannot trade a player that has not been resigned.

5. When trading draft picks include which team the pick is from, which round, and the year.

6. If a trade has 3 passes and 3 declines, as the commish, I will break the tie.

7. In some cases, if a trade gets more than 3 passes and declines then once again I will choose if the trade gets declined.

8. At any time, I can veto a trade regardless of the amount of passes it has.
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PRHL Trading Rulebook
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